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Low Back Pain (Lumbago) with or without Leg Pain (Sciatica)

This is the most common condtition we see at this office.  The pain can be located in the low back only or it may refer pain into the hip or leg.  Sometimes it is caused by trauma such as lifting too heavy a weight but most times there is no apparent cause.  Most cases of low back pain responds favorably to Chiropractic treatmnets,

Stiff Neck

Most people consider a stiff neck to be a nuisance, something that you just live with.  And most times the neck  will get better on its own.  But as time goes by and with each episode the neck becomes more and more stiff that there comes a point where turning to look over your shoulder is near impossible.  It is highly recommended that any and all neck stiffness, however minor be treated right away to keep the neck as flexible as possible.

Shoulder Conditions

The shoulder has the greatest flexiblitiy of any joint in the body and for that reason it is the most easily injured joint.  Some of the main culprits of shoulder pain are occupations that require alot of overhead work or sports such as swimming and tennis.  The goal in treating any shoulder condition is pain management coupled with strengthening and flexiblity techniques.

Arthritic Knees

When the knee hurts because of arthritis the quality of life for the individual can go down.  If there is a history of arthritis in the family the best thing a person can do is the have periodic treatments before any major symptoms appear and before the condition reaches the point where therapy won't help anymore.

Carpal Tunnel

The median nerve which runs through the narrow passageway of the carpal tunnel in the wrist may become irritated by inflammation or scar tissue formation.  Usually also, other issues further up the arm, shoulder or neck may have double whammy, (or "double crush" medically speaking) on the nerve.  When we treat carpal tunnel we also include treatment of the neck, shoulder, arm and forearm.

Other Conditions

We treat other conditions not listed above.  If you want to know if your condition is treatable please call us directly.

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